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uvarená mladá cvikla Ja používam pre malého len vopred uvarenú cviklu. Postačí vám ju konzumovať raz alebo dvakrát týždenne.

Mali by si však dávať pozor, aby to s ňou príliš nepreháňali, pretože zvyšuje hodnotu cukru v krvi. Nakoniec môžete do polievky pridať aj rozšľahané vajce..

The Sacred Journey of Ku-Kai series is an earthly voyage that transports the listener to the eighty-eight sacred temples located on Shikoku Island in Japan, ancestral home of the beloved Buddhist holy man Ku-kai. The global admiration for Kitaro and his music that unites the world is, of all things, real and constant.

The music is serene paying homage to the true to life excursion made over 1100 years ago on Shikoku Island endures to this day.

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