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The performance and conduct, as well as most rights and responsibilities, of all professional educators employed in the public schools are governed by constitutional provisions, state statutes and case law, or state and local school board policies.

Your contract constitutes a binding bilateral agreement between you and a state or local employer and is frequently the focus of questions from teachers.

The scope of work of the Ohio Teacher Evaluation Writing Team during 2009‐2010 included extensive study of model evaluation systems throughout the country.

Many state systems were examined in depth (e.g., District of Columbia Public Schools, Delaware, New Mexico, Colorado) for a standards‐based definition of teacher effectiveness.

The basis and security of employment in a local school system is the contract.

All teachers and administrators must have a valid Mississippi Certificate and must sign a contract of employment before the district can legally pay on the contracted amount.

The body of law, state and local policies, and rules and regulations that govern educators is too large to be discussed in detail here; however, some general questions that seem to arise most frequently, with appropriate answers, are listed below as a quick reference.

The employment contract and what does it really mean?

This view was upheld by the second Benchmarking Body, but the award recommended by this Body remains unpaid. With regard to job satisfaction, giving and receiving support is by far the most salient feature”.

His book, published by University of Minnesota Press, is called “IT WON’T BE EASY: An Exceedingly Honest (and Slightly Unprofessional) Love Letter to Teaching,” and you can order it now.

How was it determined what would go into this rubric?

The answer to this lies with the individual teacher, taking into account their experience, qualifications, and their interest in taking on the challenge of principalship.

It is a good idea to speak to experienced principals about the challenges and rewards of the post.