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Michael Peña plays Frank 'Ponch' Poncherello in the anticipated comedy.

Maya Rudolph, Adam Rodriguez and Adam Brody also appear in the film, due to be released Thursday.

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But it looks like Kristen Bell, 36, and Dax Shepard, 42, are just like the rest of us.

The weeping and moping start again, until Peter is rescued by Rachel, a thoughtful hotel clerk who invites him to a luau and to hang out. I was lucky enough to see an early screening of "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" a few days ago and I am more than happy to start spreading some buzz for this film.

Although he constantly runs into Sarah and Aldous, Peter starts to come alive again. It was consistently funny and highly quotable with a strong cast and well developed characters.

She continued to gush: 'His pipes are so velvety and smooth and silk!

'The actress got to interview the news veteran for the 25th anniversary of Dateline earlier this month.'I was very nervous and excited' she admitted, 'He knows I have a crush on him though' The last time she appeared on Ellen Kristen talked about how much she loves British actor Riz Ahmed.'I find Indian men irresistible' she raved, I find Indian men irresistible, 'He's so beautiful.' Her husband Dax Shepard, who was sitting next to her for the joint interview joked about how he acted as a wingman when Kristen first met Riz.'I saw him first and I thought she might be too shy to go up to him, so I'm going to break the ice,'I said to him, "Hey, my wife has a crush on you.