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More from Miles Kington A most extraordinary trial is going on in the High Court at the moment in which a man named Chrysler is accused of stealing more than 40,000 coat hangers from hotels round the world. He admits his guilt, but in his defence he claims that – well, perhaps it would be simpler just to bring you a brief extract from the trial. Chrysler: Then perhaps it is immaterial if Chrysler is really my name.

” The articles printed in celebration of the anniversary of this event paint the Pill as a cure-all for every female problem, biological or social.

An editorial in The Huffington Post calls it “small, safe and effective”, arguing that there has only been one issue with this miracle drug – it liberated women, an issue only to those who don’t want women liberated.

One night in 2008 my best friend and I were talking about how we had both been feeling very down and detached.

Baby first became a viral sensation in 2015 after the video of him enjoying his pasta feast was posted on Instagram by his Dutch owner.

The video was republished this week, two years after Baby's death, and again went viral.