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I think I was most stricken in by the idea that the themes and many of the images of modernity Edward Hopper introduced in his lonesome paintings are brought to their fruition here and, better yet, not in ways that are trite.

It's a prime moment for satire, for Jonze to pound home the message that we're separating ourselves from one another--but instead, he goes in the opposite direction: We go inside because we crave connection, and although we recognize the dissonance in that, our need pushes reason aside.

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Your Atomic clock will still continue to look for the signal and start adjusting itself automatically.

The reason is that Apple provides everything you need to deliver on the promise of digital teaching and learning.

We could swear that we just rang in the New Year, and yet here we are; January has come and gone and we are gearing up for February, which means 2 things: 1) that you have probably already abandoned your New Years resolutions (oops) and 2) if you’re a Pisces, your birthday is coming up (yay)!

It’s one thing to play a multiplayer game with your friends - it’s something else when you can talk with your friends while playing.

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