Summer heat dating

Sure the pool is always fun, but try making the date more active with a water activity that’s both challenging AND fun.

You’ll see a side of each other you’ve never seen, and that’s exciting!

Peeling yourself off the couch and away from the comfort of air conditioning can be hard; however, just because the heat is unrelenting doesn’t mean that the dating scene is going to slow down.

You still need to be on top of it when it comes to dating fun in the summer sun, so we’ve pulled together some different summer date ideas to get you off the couch, on a date and having some fun!

Make it even more fun by creating a pallet of blankets and treat the outdoors like your own, personal movie theatre.

A better option would be to consider a matte lip pencil, lip crayon, or a stain that will stay fresh and dry in any weather.

Arrange some lip smacking delicacies for your private picnic.

You can use your culinary skills or just order some of your favourite dishes.

A time of togetherness spent nowhere else but your own rooftop is a pocket friendly romantic option to stay cool.

No extra effort is needed -- no prior bookings, no burning a hole in your pocket, no time constraint.