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With the latest version of Android called Marshmallow (6.x) Google have introduced something called ‘Adoptable Storage’ - So what is it and how does this affect Spotify?Android and Apple have always shunned the use of external memory in their devices as the type, quality and age of the memory used is up to the user and may negatively impact the experience.This article covers how to update the software on your Flame — including updating Firefox OS and pushing new apps to your phone — along with backing up your data, and other useful troubleshooting and testing information.Before starting to do any of this, you should make sure you have run through the Initial setup information.Note: Firefox OS images v180 and above are based on Android KK (Kitkat, 4.4); JB (Jellybean, 4.1–4.3) builds have now been discontinued and are no longer supported, so don't use anything older than v180." while the display shows "Thunder Soft(R)", the script doesn't have permission to access the device while in fastboot mode.

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Also USB 3 ports may not work well with fastboot and can be the cause of this problem. You can even move files from phone to SD card or vice-versa. Files lets you easily manage data, you can copy, move and delete files using this file manager.Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge announced the support for Marshmallow in February this year, and a host of Sony devices will follow behind in March.With extraordinary improvements in a deeper control of your phones, the new update has attracted the world's attention and the majority of Android users are now getting ready to upgrade their devices to Marshmallow. Android 6.0 Marshmallow update comes, will your phone actually get it?