Dating english concertinas

Today the Museum’s community of stakeholders is a global one, and the collection numbers over 8,000 examples of sound-producing instruments from all over the world.

The Horniman is one of the few UK museums that collects instruments of popular music.

Among the highlights are twelve ledgers from the C. More recently, Steve Dickinson, concertina maker and owner of C.

Wheatstone & Co., generously loaned five more ledgers to the Horniman Museum, covering the output of the factory for the years 1910 to 1974.

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The bellows appear to be in good order and no repairs or holes are obvious.

A third row of extra notes was eventually added, loosely derived from the C scale.

These added accidentals and notes that already existed in the diatonic rows, but in opposite bisonoric orientation, to make additional chords possible and certain melodic passages easier.

Carl Friedrich Uhlig announced the German version in 1834.

English System English system concertinas traditionally share several features: Unisonoric (push and draw on each button yield the same note), chromatic.