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This way, it'll save them time and money if the product doesn't do well.First, you'll need to sign up with a company that offers product testing at home. There was a time I tested a website in beta format for HBO (now called HBO-GO) and they paid me 0 for doing it! These companies below are my personal favorites I use to get free products at home to test, and get paid by either Pay Pal, Cash, Gift Cards, or Merchandise.Once you do this, the company will send you emails to fill out to see if you'll qualify for their current product test. Sign up now before these panels don't accept new members!When you fill out their screener survey, they'll let you know at the end if you qualify or not. If you're the main shopper in your household you should do really well. Product Report Card- I remember receiving a product to test from Product Report Card testing a food product for a couple of weeks, and I was paid 0 doing it! Also, they have offers to join high paying focus groups!Nous lui donnons un 9/10 Info : Ne vous contentez pas d’être juste un voyeur.chater Gratuitement c'est aussi facile que de s’inscrire.

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