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Supermodel and novelist Sophie Dahl is said to be heartbroken after splitting up with the handsome American she was expected to marry.The 6ft beauty has dated Dan Baker, son of a New York plastic surgeon, for more than four years, sharing his £1million loft apartment in Manhattan’s fashionable Noho district.

Sophie took the opportunity to showcase her unique sartorial style, wearing a graphic print brightly coloured coat teamed with red fishnets and Isabel Marant suede ankle boots.

Scroll down for more A friend of Sophie said: "She is in a very sad place. She loves Dan very much, but there is a fundamental difference between them.

"Sophie is a powerhouse who has made her own career and fortune and has worked every day of her life since she was a young girl.

We are, genetically, attracted to partners who are going to be good for mating so the taller, stronger, more physically fit man is going to win on a visceral level.

Equally, the smaller woman is going to make the man feel more ­protective.