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Wesbites like uk are thinking outside the box when it comes to arranging dates and are well worth checking out, but nothing quite beats the value of face to face connection.Venues like Pause, Apartment 58, Babble City and Ruby Blue all have specialised singles events, with many more venues hosting everything from speed dating to singles nights.The options are endless - you're bound to find the right setting for you.Head here for our London Dating Guide and begin your quest to find love!Getting someone else to manufacturer was never exactly what I wanted to do, but in the dark ages of 2012 (pre-Brexit, pre-Trump, pre-gin based alcoholism) the technology didn’t exist to produce what I wanted.

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The 32-year-old design agency owner runs a start-up business called Make Light, which riffs on those stadiums filled with Dear Leader's adoring acolytes holding aloft cardboard panels to create vast, patriotic images.

These, savoury muffins and pikelets (aka "scotch pancakes" for my Brits) are cornerstones of my Kiwi childhood.

If you're in a hurry this isn't an essential step, but to make The Best date scones, it's a good idea.

But when a girl is drunk on stolen gin and alone in a Berlin hotel room, who else is she to turn to?

Three months ago I asked Twitter if I should take a risk or not, without giving any context whatsoever, 54 of you answered and the clear majority said yes take the risk.