Trac updating

29820.diff​ is a first pass at just adding updates to the "update now" link plugin list. This also skips the plugin deactivate/reactivate dance we currently do (in some situations at least) - If a plugin causes a fatal post-update or only partially completes, it could cause some white screens.It's just a simple example, because I'd like to think about some more difficult problems before we get too worried about implementation. That being said, Nice work @pento :) What about some way for a plugin to define what should happen once it's been installed, so that rather than needing to add their own message, plugin developers could just define a "configure URL", so that "Installed!I have to resync the repository in order to make the updates appear.I want the revisions to appear on the timeline without me having to resynchronize the revisions with: [timeline] abbreviated_messages = true changeset_collapse_events = false changeset_long_messages = false changeset_show_files = 0 default_daysback = 30 max_daysback = 90 newticket_formatter = oneliner ticket_show_details = true The former is recommended.

You may also want to remove the pre-existing Trac code by deleting the directory, or remove Trac from former versions.For example, it can be used to script releases and help build release candidates.Key features: A wrapper for editing wiki pages directly inside emacs is also included, though this is rudimentary. You can check out Trac Cmd Script from here using Subversion, or browse the source​ with Trac.Typically, there are five steps involved in upgrading to a newer version of Trac: Get the new version as described in Trac Install, or your operating system specific procedure.If you installed a recent 0.11 version of Trac via If you do a manual (not operating system specific) upgrade, you should also stop any running Trac server before the installation.