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PUP - (Fearless) The band take some risks (the painfully earnest “Mokena;” the acoustic gut-punch of “Eastwick”) and producer Steve Evetts (the Wonder Years) brings ragged toughness to their bulked-up hooks. Not only are each of the trio masters of their crafts, the juxtaposition of the cheery beats to the deeply depressed and self-reflecting lyrics show massive growth in Dylan Mattheisen's songwriting.

Whether you are a new fan or long time follower, there is room on the couch for everyone.

And what’s an awards ceremony without a red carpet?

Of course, the carpet is at the Staples Center, where Corden will host the primetime ceremony, during which the winners of the top awards are revealed.

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and that was really talking about me as a single guy — and now I’m married.” Urie said that, despite no longer being single, he still likes writing about the partying life.Especially when something dark inside him begins to stir turning his view slightly... Will this beautiful boy be his savior or his downfall? Cassadee shrugs in defeat, gesturing towards him with her beer. Maybe that wasn’t the right way to respond to that, but come on, you’re like the perfect boyfriend.” “Hush, Rian might hear you,” Alex jokes, but he’s blushing. ” Cassadee and Alex both turn toward where Rian is standing in the doorway, taking off his shoes, and burst into laughter. Now you’ve made me curious.” New kids, old friends, college applications and annoying teachers. The Sons of Anarchy/Bandom crossover no one asked for.Follow Dallon Weekes, William Beckett, Frank Iero, and Andy Hurley on their queer adventures navigating high school and their GSA. Here's the Nanowrimo summary I wrote for it: The music scene is as diverse in genres as it is in backgrounds. Everything is quiet for a moment, and then -"Then don't."Or, the one where Jack goes to London and falls in love.According to Nashville Gab, Cassadee Pope (ex-Hey Monday) and All Time Low drummer Rian Dawson have ended their relationship.Read more: All Time Low's Rian Dawson and Cassadee Pope are engaged The news source say their representative confirmed, "They have amicably ended their relationship, but remain friends, supportive of each others' careers, and maintain the utmost respect for one another." Pope and Dawson began dating back in 2009, when Pope's former band Hey Monday toured with All Time Low.