Who is ivy dating on 90210

The late Javier’s former manager is blackmailing her for stealing Javier’s song.He’s demanding half her cut (which he later changes to 80%). When Adriana offers to sing at Silver’s charity, her manager steps in with some harsh news: either she gets paid ,000 for Silver’s charity gig, or she cancels on her best friend.This week, 90210 season 3 delivers more drama and more cliffhangers that will leave you craving more.When Liam needs a place to stay, Dixon offers up a room.

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But Sasha comes with devastating news: she tested HIV positive. Silver is hosting a charity to support breast cancer.

-Kelly and Brenda are back, but with lame-o storylines.

The frenemies realize they’ve both slept with Ryan, the new “hot” teacher at West Bev, then Brenda adopts a baby from China.

When he suspects that the test results are positive, he breaks up with Ivy to keep his fate a secret.

But once his doctor delivers good news, he hopes he can get Ivy back.